10 Secrets Of Looking Beautiful And Elegant In Their Wedding Photos And Videos

Most brides spend years dreaming of their perfect wedding day. So it is not surprising if they invest countless hours picking out the wedding gown and looking for the ideal wedding ceremony venue. Every little detail has to be just right. When planning for a wedding, many things are taken into consideration, from the bridesmaids dresses to the food in the wedding reception. It is a never ending checklist of things to do from the moment you got engaged until the end of the honeymoon.

Beware of Demo Reels. Never-ever base your decision on the “demo reel” alone. A demo reel is basically a highlight video of a company’s work. It is snippets of projects put together that is supposed to be a “demonstration” of their work. I have one myself. The problem with demo reels is that they can be just a hodgepodge of great shots that were never actual video projects. They are just cool shots they have collected and put to cool music. The images might not even be their own work, and is often a video they worked on while in the employ of another company and now claim as their own. Often times that is exactly the case.

The second point about controlling video backgrounds is to avoid wasted space in your video. I’ll give you an example. Now, many people like to be in the video shot with a large sign or a background object. However, I’ve seen shots where the subject is so close to the sign or object that there’s nothing else in the video scene.

Make an appointment. ALWAYS. Always meet your videographer in person. A Wedding Videographer in Singapore is pretty easy to reach, considering that we live on a small red dot. Could the videographer answer most of your queries? You must feel comfortable with them and make sure they are not artists with attitude. I’ve heard of horror stories… A professional Videographer holds customer service in high regards, next to the perfection of their craft.

Preproduction is also when you set a budget. In some cases, the budget is set by the client. They tell you how much they want to spend on a video and you create a plan that abides by their wishes. In other cases, a package deal is offered. For the amount of shooting and length of time they have your services, they pay a set price. You include your post-production costs into this package price. This is typically the situation for Wedding Videos, but many videographers offer this option to other clients, too. It is very important that you set a budget in advance and do your best to work within that budget. Otherwise, you will be losing money in the long-run.

Poor lighting can make the best of videos look bad. Discuss his lighting equipment. Are they bright? Are they tall enough to provide illumination for a wide audience? Does he come with a lighting man experienced enough?

You’ll find that if you decide on the correct package for your event, that you’re going to have money well spent, and save money at the same time. It’s critical, it’s your wedding and since you’ve made the correct choice, you’re only going to do it once, so you need to celebrate it right, the first time!