5 Easy Steps To Making A Gel Candle

Home candle making is a hobby that is fun for the whole family. A great thing about it is that it can be done with almost any budget and in just an hour or so of time. This makes it an incredibly popular hobby and past time for people all over the place. To add to this, you are also going to be saving money as it is far more cost efficient to make your own candles then it is to go buy them. Think about it, when was the last time that you were at a boutique or a store and you bought a nice candle. Sure it smells good and it looks pretty but think about how much you paid for it. You can beautiful candles at home with whatever scents and colors that you want.

Now that you have explored wax choices, let’s talk wicks. If your candle had no wick, it wouldn’t burn at all! The wick runs from the top to the bottom of the candle so a flame can burn until all the candle’s wax has melted.

I had purchased some essential oils, and once the wax was melted I began by adding just small amounts of the oils at a time. While I love the scented candle, too much of a good thing is just an overwhelming smelling candle. So little by little I added the oils until I had the right amount for my liking. Then, for each batch, I mixed in a handful of the lavender flowers, and a handful of the coffee beans. I was not sure how these would turn out, but I was excited to give it a go.

Here are a few tips for aluminum candle making molds. If you use a releasing agent, then the candle can be removed from the mold very easily. Since you’ll be preventing damage to the candle, this will help them look quite professional. Pillar and votive candles are among the popular types you can create with the aluminum molds. The only potential drawback might be that the aluminum is somewhat rigid, so there will be limited flexibility manipulating the shape and texture of the candle.

Here is a list of all of the Epic Workshops supplies that you need: a double boiler, some paraffin wax, color dye, scented oils, wicks, wick tabs, carving knife, scissors, metal spoon, thermometer, and a candle mold. You can easily find all of these items online or at an arts and crafts store for fairly cheap. If you want you can make the double boiler yourself using a boiling pot as the bottom pot and an empty soup can as the top pot.

Melt and pour red wax until it us.5 inch below the top of the shell, then let cool again. Last step! Pour a final layer of white to cap the red (the wick should have been placed into the red pour), and let cool a final time. For a real bleeding effect drill holes up through the sides of the candle so that the melting red wax can escape.

Now clear a surface to work with, make sure it is flat and level and not going to be easily disturbed. Cover the area in newspapers to protect it and make clean up easier. Now when the area is prepared take the carving knife and cut chunks of the wax in to the top pot of the double boiler. Place the top pot on the stove and boil the water. Stir the wax often and check the temperature as it should melt at around 160 degrees.

That’s how you can make your soy candle by following these simple candle making instructions. It’s simple, quick, cost effective, and yet so pleasing.