5 Ways To Stop Your Cat Behaviour Problems

There are quite literally a billion different cat foods out there. It can be difficult to decide which brand to choose, but these tips can help make it a bit easier.

In case there is a dog at your home then the new kitten would be very scared of the dog, specifically if the kitten has not ever seen a dog or lived with dogs. You should introduce the kitty to dog slowly and eventually let your dog sniff your cat and then both the cat and dog will get to each others scent. After a span of one or two days you should keep the cat in the carrier from where it can smell and watch the dog from safe distance.

Loss of teeth- It is harder for the cat to chew, and it’s possible for mouth bacteria to make its way into the cat’s blood stream. It’s best if you made sure that your cat’s dental health was good all of its life to prevent loss of teeth in the first place, but in the meantime, you can make eating easier for your cat by feeding it wet food, or dry food with a little water added in. You can also try out using crunchy dental health treats, or investing in cat toothpaste and a cat toothbrush. Try switching to a “complete” cats life, or if possible, feed them a food made especially for senior cats for a healthier diet.

The reason I’m writing this is to hopefully save you from that stress and headache! Here are some of the essentials that are going to make bringing your new cat home a more pleasurable experience!

Diarrhea: Diarrhea is the opposite of constipation, it can also be caused by a poor diet, parasites, a change in routine that has upset the cat or some intestinal virus.

Another method is the cornmeal in a jar technique. To do this one, you’ll want to place a jar filled with cornmeal on its side in your garden at dusk. Slugs will crawl inside during the evening and ingest the cornmeal. It seems to stop them in their tracks.

I should say that iguana care consists of feeding and care. For both of them, you have to get expert advice and only then you can do stuff on your own. Otherwise, it could be difficult for both you and your iguana. However, once you get this stuff, it becomes not so time-consuming and iguana care might even become a fun thing to do. Fun, and rewarding.