Affiliate Marketing Tips To Get Most From Your Efforts

As a WAHM (work-at-home Mom) myself, I know how hard it is to have enough time to do the work that helps pay the bills and also still have time to do all the housework and still have time for your family. I also know there are many Moms who run a business from home and started this business from the ground up while trying to keep the home going. I decided it would be interesting to talk to some of these hard working Moms and find out they got these businesses going and how they manage working at home and being a parent and homemaker. I have interviewed some Moms and here is the first Mom in my series of interviews. Crystal Unrau is the first Mom I spoke with.

If you want to become a blogger to have a home business, you have to be specific on your topic or niche. When it comes down to building a website or a blog, people want expertise.

I wasn’t equipped to deal with adversity and through my twenties I studied to have the right even keel mindset and psychological outlook so as to equip myself properly for the competitive rigors on the course. But at this point, it was a little late to adopt the needed attitude and disposition as I was only able to change some of the time.

First of all you need to spend some time writing content before you will make any money. Depending on the type of social profile you have you may have to create hundreds of pages of content so you might as well pick something to blog on that you enjoy writing about.

The main Pro of marketing yourself is obviously the long term benefit of creating an identity for yourself as a (credible) expert and to grow a large list of people who know, like, and trust you. This is the method I personally recommend, because although it may take longer, you will grow and develop as a leader and in the end, you will be the expert.

Continue to promote your eBook in as many ways as possible. Don’t limit the marketing or promotion of your eBook through your personal blog or website. You can do forum marketing so that you can promote your eBook. Also, you can take a few pages off your eBook and make these are stand alone articles. You can then submit an article to directories, provided that you insert a link back to your site where your eBook is.

The fourth site to get the most traffic is YouTube. You can go viral with videos with regards to your Niche. Make them professional, informative, funny, etc., so people want to watch them and keep coming back for more. Post the link to your YouTube video on your website, Facebook page, and Twitter.

These three tools only scratch the surface of what is available through Google’s products. Take a look at all of what Google offers and consider the application to the classroom!