Auto Transport Companies Insider Scoop

With auto transport, one of the major hassles you have to deal with is preparing the car before it’s shipped. First, you must wash the car well, even if it’s going to be shipped on an open trailer. This will make it easier to identify any chips, dings, or damage that occurs en route, if it occurs. The next rule of car shipping is to take all personal items out of the vehicle. You don’t want to leave anything behind while the car is traveling to its destination.

Another good thing to remember is not to choose the first company you come across. There might be a better company out there with a better price. Price depends on where you are currently and where your car is going. It also depends on the type and size of car. The company you choose may have you pick from a variety of different insurance options, and they will all probably cost a different amount. Don’t just pick the cheapest option, pick the best one!

Some companies will haggle on prices with you. Keep in mind that many companies are national, and as such, they have set pricing. Keep in mind that local companies will probably be more quick to adjust pricing for you. Check both options to see which one will land you with the better deal. Do not be afraid to walk out of a place because they choose to stick to a price that you are not willing to pay.

When crossing international boundaries, you have to know the levies of different countries. At this point, you will have to decide whether it is more feasible to just sell your car or to continue with the Arizona Car Shipping Service process because levies can make the overall cost quite high. For example, countries like Australia and France charge custom fees at 30% of the car’s Blue Book value.

Before selecting an auto shipping company, ask a lot of questions and make sure you feel comfortable with the driver ahead of time. Talk about price so that it’s clear what you will be paying from the start. A car transport service, when shipping a car, should be clear on price. Shipping a car is a big investment for you, so it pays to be informed.

They must have proper insurance certificates and should be registered with USDOT. They also must posses the proper documentation for shipping vehicles within a nation. Each auto shipping company provides certain range of insurance coverage based on your cars size and weight.

Fully charge the battery and make sure the tires are properly inflated. Top off all fluids and inform the transporter of any leaks that exist. If leaks do exist, they will place your vehicle on the bottom layer of the carrier so other vehicles are not damaged. Do not completely fill your gas tank. It should only be around a quarter full to reduce the overall weight of your vehicle. Provide any information the transporter may need to know in regards to starting your car and loading it onto the carrier. A little preparation can go a long way and make the process easier on everyone involved. By taking these precautions, your vehicle will be as protected as possible and your job will be a lot easier.