Career Coach Scheduled List Of Job Fairs

Let’s presume you are a Senior Manager or “C” level professional who passes the “Posting-Selection-First Screen” gauntlet, to use a phrase from an earlier article.

Red Wings: I’m a Avs lovin’ Colorado native. So it goes without saying that I’m not a Red Wings fan. A matter a fact I think the Red Wing Suck. But they do play pretty well — actually they are amazing. I think what makes them brilliant is teamwork. They pocket their egos and really play as a unit. The Wings passing, back check, break outs, and penalty kills exemplify teamwork and selflessness.

So breathe, and realize that you can do and be anything. As you feel yourself letting go of that nervous, negative energy, allow your mind to open up to new alternatives. Acknowledge your icf coaching situation; how did you get where you are today? Is it possible to recreate that process and go in an entirely new direction for yourself, your life? Of course it is. You did it before. You can do it again!

Finding a job is a process. So you sent in your resume and you didn’t hear anything back… Call them, follow up. Remember, job hunting takes time and effort. So what if you didn’t land the first job you interviewed for? Shake it off and keep going. Above all, don’t get depressed – and don’t let your parents bring you down with worrying, if that’s how they are. Rarely is the first job you apply or interview for the right fit. If you need extra support, maybe talk to Mom or Dad about finding a career coach or joining a few career networks to keep you motivated and connected with what’s happening in your field of interest.

Finally he began researching the companies that were hiring to find out more about what they wanted. (I call this informational inter viewing and is one of the first tactics I discuss with clients. Not sure why he left it to last.) The result was that he assisted a company VP in defining a job description for a position. The title was product manager but Mr. Kroog suggested that it needed to include elements of marketing as well as production to encompass the realities of the market today.

Your career coach should be highly qualified in career development. You wouldn’t spend money with an accountant who wasn’t qualified in accountancy, would you? Specific career development University qualifications should be expected. HR people are good at HR, and recruitment people are good at recruitment, but neither of those disciplines are the same as career development….Buyer beware!

2: Failure to recognize the skills they have. Job seekers consistently make the same mistake – just do not highlight their skills and abilities to employers, or at least not enough. Want to know why? They just do not realize the many skills and talents they have or have difficulty articulating these skills into words. Skills in the workplace or job skills or do some quick online research with keywords.

As Janine Moon, Master Certified Career Coach and author of Career Ownership, says so eloquently, ‘There is only one rule: Your career belongs to you. It’s your responsibility. You better own it.’ To that I add, so go out and hire yourself your next boss! Follow us on Twitter and Facebook.