Cd Dvd Printing – 10 Tips To Get A Great Looking Cd Or Dvd From Your Print Vendor

Any aspiring musician, whether in a band or solo, will definitely need exposure. It’s very important to get a chance to show the world your musical talent. After all, it’s what you want most, right? You want people to hear and appreciate your talent. One way of doing this is by releasing a CD.

CD Burning is also known as CD Writing. This is what you do on your PC if you have a CD writer. You use blank medias called the CDR where R stands for Recordable. The process of burning or writing takes a few minutes as the video data is burned onto the CD track by track. Your PC can only burn one CD at a time. If you need to make more copies of the same CD quickly, you will need to use a CD Duplicator. A CD Duplicator machine is about the size of a desktop PC or bigger and can burn seven or more CDs at a time in a few minutes. cd duplication services is suitable for creation of small quantities of two to 500 CDs.

The optimal burn speed for your master depends on your CD burner’s drive speed. The optimal burn speed setting for your master discs will be 15 to 30 percent of your drive’s maximum capacity. I.E., if your drive’s max capacity is 52X, you’ll want to set the burn speed for your master to be 12-16X.

Test your master on different types of media players to make sure it plays in all types of drives the eventual user will utilize to view or listen to your copy.

OWhen burning the master disc, strictly avoid any movement or shaking of the drive. Even a little movement can make the laser jump tracks and you may end up with a poor quality disc.

Have your artwork ready before you call or search for a duplicator. Use a graphics software such as PhotoShop or Illustrator to prepare the disc face artwork. Make a template that is 4.7″ in diameter and make sure your image dpi is at least 300. Following these two easy steps, your artwork will be sized correctly and the quality of the image will be sharp. Most professional services will have templates for your CD or DVD art.

When burning your CD master using standard software such as Nero or Toast, use the ‘Disc-at-Once’ mode so all the data/music is transferred to the disc in one go. And make sure the disc is finalised (closed or fixated) before ejecting.

Additionally, you will need to make sure the CD’s are packed up very carefully with plenty of support in the box. If your CD’s go to your clients broken, either the CD or the package that the CD comes in, you’ll have a very dissatisfied client.