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My mother used to love Christmas so much. She’d have four or five trees up and lights all throughout the house. This was for the grandchildren and guess who she roped into doing a lot of the work. I miss it though and after her death in 1984 my first couple of Christmas seasons were rough. Now I have learned to enjoy Christmas and feel my mother with me then.

Do not get involved! This is a great strategy I find. Let us say your kid is screaming or demanding something. All you have to do is absent yourself from the scene of the crime. Find another space. Time out applies equally well to the parents. The child knows from the behaviour contract that you have set up with him that unless he is reasonable and calm, then you cannot and will not talk to him. Also he knows that he alone is responsible for his actions and knows the consequences and that applies to us parents as well. Many parents seeking help with ADHD children never realize this.

Moms Minivan has a great list of games to play in the car, including License Plate Game. You can print out a list of all 50 States with a checkbox to mark with you have seen that plate.

There are also some other unique gifts that can be given as the 60th birthday presents or the anniversary presents. The other usual gifts will have lower chances of attracting people’s eyes, but whenever you give a unique present, it is going to attract the attention of all people who are present at the function. You can give him some 60th birthday presents as per his interest and sports. You can also book tickets to some kind of a theatre show so that he can spend some quality time with his loved one. Another very thoughtful gift would be to buy him some retirement policies. Since he is turning sixty, he must be looking for some retirement plans and benefits. You can ease his task by offering him some retirement policies.

I was raised in the Baptist Church. In small communities, the church was the center of social activities. I sang in the choir, taught Sunday school and did the normal things that Christians do being members of the church. I believed, I was following God’s will for my life and I instilled the same religious values in my own children.

Getting out of the bed an hour early isn’t likely to harm you, but it will give you extra time to work with. Once you become acclimated to your new schedule, you will no longer feel that you are getting up earlier; you will just be getting up on time. This is one sure way to put more time into your productive day.

1) Dreams. Sleep with a notepad under your pillow so that if you wake up with a dream you can write it down. When you get up, sit down and start writing about the dream. As with all of these prompts, you have to get the thought out of your head and onto paper so that you can do something with it.

Making eye contact whenever you talk with your man is one way to show your interest in him. Although, it may seem that you are intimidating him, it also shows how important he is in your life.