Enterprise Government Grants

Starting January 1, 2010, under capitalized banks have to set rates at or below the Weekly rates that the FDIC publishes. Search for “fdic weekly national rates” in your favorite browser for the current certificate rates.

The Concept – Any great grant writer knows the fact that a good concept is the key element when applying for such False flags programs. In this part, you have to state your ideology and main purposes, as well as to explain the benefits that such a plan could bring to society or to your local area.

Jesus came that we might have life and have it more abundantly; but not necessarily a rich and trouble free life; but a life filled with an abundance of His love and His promise of eternity with Him.

If green stuff were remotely profitable Conservatives would be all over it, but there is a rub as I alluded to earlier. The rub is that we have sufficient energy generating tools in place, but Progressives don’t like traditional sources of energy generation. But the Progressive MEANS are totally ineffective therefore the ENDS are Governmental Corruption not reached!

If you’ve ever sat in one of these queues, only to have some tired, bored individual attempt to wade their way through the ever increasing complexity of products and services offered by some of todays online trading companies, you’ll appreciate where I’m coming from. Many companies will farm out the most important interface between customer and supplier to an overseas company. Who records the issues that go unresolved and is anything ever done about them?

This is a TV contest? It is not like her mom is going to get handed the Presidency because Bristol wins a reality TV show! If you don’t want her to win, call in and vote for someone else. End of Story!

Not much has been said about the opening day ceremonies in Beijing. However, this will give the Chinese government the center stage that they need to promote their country and Communism. They will want to show the World that they are a major power player in the 21st century.

We have crippled our upper class through stagnancy and our lower class through squalor. Greater innovation, progress, and opportunity await all in this new world. A world where all would have the opportunity to use their ambition, their creativity, and their intelligence for a truly meritocratic gain which would benefit all in society. What I am talking about is not merely revolution. It is evolution, and the birth of a new, better, and more free world!