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A clean bike will function better than a dirty one and is a pleasure to work on. Before you start any bike maintenance you have to clean your bike, that doesn’t mean a bit of wipe with a cloth, you have to clean it properly and there are a few things you need to do the job, you might have to buy some equipment, but most of it can be found around the house, try under the sink, but don’t let your wife/mother catch you.

Stock up on ice: If you do not have a generator, you will need to use ice to keep your food cold. In a fortunate circumstance, we happened to cater a party at our home a few weeks before the windstorm. We had approximately 6 bags of ice still in the freezers. A full freezer operates more efficiently than a half-full freezer. A full freezer will also hold the cold longer, as long as it is kept closed. If you do not normally have enough food to fill your freezer, fill bags with homemade ice cubes or ice blocks to fill in the gaps.

A surge watt is a burst of power an appliance utilizes as soon as it starts up. More electricity will be start an appliance so surge watts will be a greater amount than the run watts. Not require surge watts whenever it starts. Light bulbs and smaller portable heating units are types of devices that do not need surge watts to power them. Bigger things, such as a freezer, refrigerator, what is the best submersible pump motor or central heater will require a boost of power when they start-up.

Lets’ go back to the refrigerator, again, pulling out your trusty “calibrated” thermometer (You did calibrate it, didn’t you?) place it in a glass of water that has been standing on the middle shelf of the ‘frig for a good half hour or more. You should be in the range of 35 to 38 Deg. F. Any lower you are wasting energy (Money!). CAUTION, do NOT set it above 38 Deg. F. trying to save more money! Food may spoil and food poisoning could result.

If well pump for house the motor does not stop running the problem can be caused by several things. Bad adjustment of the pressure can be considered as the common issue that causes motor to working continuously. You need to clean the switch if the measure does not work correctly.

Every single day the sun is shining you are earning free money from the sun. What better deal exists? The sun shines down and water is pumped up from deep underground, saving you from overpriced electricity charges.

You will need to go to the store and get a good thermometer, look at the inexpensive digital units. Once you purchase one check to make sure it is accurate. You say, “how do I do that?” Very simply, take a glass and fill it half full of water and the rest with ice. Water and ice can only co-exist at one temperature and that is 32 Deg. F., or freezing, let it sit in the ‘frig for about 5 to 10 minutes, put your new thermometer in the glass, it should read 32 Deg. F. Oh, by the way, this is not the only time we will be using the thermometer so keep it handy!

So your bike is now clean, dry it with a clean cloth and if you want it to really shine, get the spray polish out, but don’t get any on the brake surface or you wont be able to stop the first time you go out. Next you have to oil the chain and all moving parts, brake pivot bolts, front and rear derailleur, pedal springs and the pivots on the brake levers, wipe away any spilt oil, check your gears and brakes work well, pump up your tires and away you go on your clean and sparkling bike. Oh! And remember to put back all that stuff from under the sink before you go on your bike ride or you’ll be making your own dinner when you get home.