How To Pick A Wedding Photographer

The Couple Must Invest A lot more Time…with their loved ones and not with the photographer. Don’t preserve them away from everybody for a long time. About 15-20 minutes to do the few shots is more than enough and maybe yet another 15 minutes or so late in the evening.

You need to discuss what your plans are for your wedding. Talk about the details of your day and ask questions about how your photographer will handle them. Some brides are extremely organized and others are “free spirits”. Regardless of your personality or your life’s philosophy you really do need to make all the important decisions about your photography well in advance of your arrival at your wedding site. Why waste time on one of the most important days of your life trying to decide who should be in the group photographs? Did you forget to tell the photographer that there will be a Unity Candle, etc?

Go into this session prepared. Pick out ideas of poses you want to do – and also keep in mind the next rule, #3. You could look at specialty magazines or even general photography magazines to see examples of couples in poses that look interesting. Take these ideas along with you to the session so you can try these out.

The intent of this article is not to argue the importance of fixed verses zoom lenses, nor is it to examine the pros and cons of each. It is intended to look at how a professional chooses and uses the best lens for the situation. Event photography, especially singapore wedding photographer, incorporates a mixture of both technical and creative photographic opportunities. It doesn’t matter if you shoot traditional or photojournalistic you will use techniques and compositions from both schools of thought.

Right now if you are reading this article you are on the internet. Now what else are you doing besides reading this article? Perhaps you are in an office with other co-workers? Perhaps you are on your couch with your spouse watching TV? Perhaps you have the radio on or you are listening to your favorite CD. Chances are that there is something going on that would be interrupted or disturbed by a sudden and unwelcome intrusion of music. What if a song started playing right now? What would your initial reaction be? If you are like most people, you would immediately reach for the mute button on your speakers or computer. You might even leave this page to quell the nose. This is a natural reflex. Don’t make your website visitors do the same thing!

Waikiki Beach – The beaches in Waikiki are criss-crossed every day by newly married couples. The beach here is justly famous for its beauty and the curve of the sand that goes into Diamond Head one way and beautiful hotels the other, provides a stunning backdrop no matter which direction you go.

The same philosophies can be carried into wedding photography. By no means are we telling you to go with the plain wedding dress, it’s your fairy tale, not ours. However, for your engagement or wedding photographs you will want a softer, less dramatic make-up, and a quieter background. You are the star, not Revlon, and not trees in the background! We don’t want anything to detract from the beauty that is you.