How To Use Social Media In Your Business

At this moment, when so many online entrepreneurs try so hard to find potential customers for their product or service, generating blog leads seems a great solution. Of course, you can have leads with Facebook or your company’s capture pages. However, you’re losing a lot of benefits in the long run. Firstly, a blog offers a unique opportunity to have your “online home” where you can brand yourself, connect with people and share knowledge, solutions or entertainment. Secondly, you can make more sales automatically, easier than anywhere else.

DROP CARDS – These cards look like real money… It is used to draw attention in public places. You can drop these cards to get, malls, restaurants, and consumer bathrooms. With drop cards, you might use a short sizzle personal message about your opportunity with a call to action.

Many bloggers provide great information about new tools, or training. But everyone tells us, focus on one method and master it. So as a blogger, reading about Pinterest, or Facebook PPC, or how to use Join me to get leads is just a distraction.

It’s a great way to display recommendations from your colleagues, customers, etc. If you have glowing references, why not get their words in front of employers right off the bat?

We talk about your central hub where people are coming to see you. Make it look great! More important, offer a free gift in exchange of the personal data: name, email and phone number. It can be a free report, an e-book or “how to” video tutorials. If it’s very valuable, you will generate a lot of blog leads.

It can give you access to thousands of people who are only one or two contacts away. It’s a great way to find insiders for informational interviews and networking.

So, as a manager of yourself and leader of others, constantly ask how you’re helping customers. Remember the emphasis is on paying customers, not just “opportunities.” Don’t rationalize here. If someone is a “potential customer” they are on trial. If they emerge as a paying customer within a reasonable period of time – that’s wonderful. If not, put them into a back-burner mode where you can stay in touch (they might become paying customers in the future or recommend you for someone else). However, your emphasis has to be on paying customers – if you want to stay in business!