Inspiration When A Second Is A First

Motivation comes from the word ‘move’ and means ‘to move’. Motivation literally means; that which moves a person to a course of action. Motivation indicates a movement that is initiated by a reason or purpose. This is an important point to understand; having a reason and purpose will activate motivation. For example, it is hard to move towards something if you can’t see any reason or purpose. In other words you need a motif or good reason as to why you would put in the effort and to create some momentum and move from where you currently are. If you are keen to do something you are more likely to be motivated; you don’t have to try, you will just want do it. Remember also that you might have a reason and purpose to NOT be motivated; in that case you won’t to ‘move’.

By experimenting and just playing around with your settings you will find yourself shooting images that you just want to try again and again. The old adage says that nothing breeds success like success. The same goes for follow me.

There is nothing worse than seeing the most wonderful scene, reaching for your camera and realising it’s not there. Always carry your camera with you. If you don’t like lugging around an slr, get a good quality little compact that you can keep in your pocket or bag. When the inspiring moments arrive you need to capture them.

Your child’s weight length and the home circle were measured from birth and trained to chart the growth of your child’s doctor. It’s – is where you should start looking if you have any questions about how your child responds. When you are looking at the chart the growth of their child to the doctor make sure to compare the growth of your child with his or her own pattern of growth not with the growth of other babies. While the growth of your child is stable there is probably no reason to worry.

Just like starting to exercise again after you haven’t for a while or perhaps never. It is highly unlikely that you will jump out of bed one morning full of motivation and start exercising. You might not feel like it, but because you know it is important, you will feel better and healthier in the long term, you get going even though you don’t want to. At first it is a real effort and you might have to fight that little voice in your head that will offer you all kinds of good reasons and temptations not to do it.

Once that’s done, make sure to clearly identify your trading goals and make sure they are crystal clear and specific. When they are very clear/specific, you are more driven to take action – T motivation.

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