Is A Hydrogen Conversion Kit Useful?

Many would assume that a car that is no longer running is not worth anything and that the best thing to do is to give it away or maybe donate it to an organization. This is not necessarily the case however; there are ways to get cash for junk cars, you just have to know the correct way to go about it.

Be wary. There are such things as undisclosed flood and frame damage. Fraudulent car dealers and body shops are selling previously crashed cars and flood cars for quick profit. Be careful and do your homework. Don’t send payment or sign any paperwork especially as – is paperwork until you see and thoroughly checkout the car. Don’t become a victim like I did – the car Farmerville Motors in Farmerville, Louisiana sold to me later revealed it had been involved in a possible unreported flood – no wonder the OBD system didn’t work.

The use of hydrogen as fuel can be considered a good option as it cost effective as well as environment friendly. With hydrogen, the main problem is safety. The problem of safety can be solved with the help special storage methods. The hydrogen gas can be stored as hydrides. These are materials, which can soak up hydrogen like a mop soaks up water. A tank is first filled with hydride granules and then hydrogen gas is compressed into the tank. This has numerous advantages as the density of the hydrogen is much more and the hydrogen gets chemically bonded with the hydrides, which is very stable. Hydrogen in this form is so stable that it does not get released even if the tank is open and does not catch fire even if a bullet is fired at the tank. Carrying it is also easy and simple.

It will have some effect on power output, but not a lot. Its exact effect on HP is not clear but it probably costs a few hp at the most catalytic converter recyclers maybe hp at BPU(TM power levels.

You’ll note that repair shops are often loathe to quote a firm dollar figure when you drop your car off. Instead, they’ll offer an estimate. The reason is because every vehicle is designed differently. For example, replacing the alternator in a Ford Expedition may require twice or half the time required to do the same job in a Honda Accord. This is true for many types of repairs.

The RMM (or Rod Millen Motorsports) Cat-less Downpipe is the most commonly used. However many other brands exist. Some down-pipes, such as the Random Technology DP, feature an emissions legal high-flow catalytic converter.

Get control of your fuel ratio and you can really amp up the mileage gains. Pumping out too much HHO without adjusting your fuel ratio will negate your gains. Get control of those o2 sensors which are just overgrown thermometers and you can really increase your efficiency, without drowning your engine. You will have some fun making these and hopefully you’ll tell a friend how to make a hydrogen fuel cell too.