Kitchen Gadgets You Can’t Live Without

Spring is here! Open up those windows, air out your house, and tackle those spring cleaning projects. Make sure you add these 5 often overlooked spots to your spring cleaning list.

You don’t need to be a wealthy wine aficionado to enjoy the best-tasting wine. Impress your friends with this gift idea – an affordable, easy-to-use wine aerator that will aerate your wine in a few seconds for a much better flavor.

If we don’t let illegals crush our borders, we are the problem! If Democrats, who have majorities in each house on the Hill can’t pass their agenda, clearly that is the fault of the minority Republicans! I mean Obama and lefties have informed us of that plenty, right? Yep, when ya hold legislative majorities, yet your own party runs from the agenda, well that is a clear sign Republican’s are the real issue. Pay no attention to public polling. Ya know, the literally thousands of polls conducted by respected polling firms that are unanimous that the public is majority against all this? Remember, they gotta be drug to it!

20. Revive canvases: This one sounds crazy but it does work. Cut the crust off of white bread and roll the bread into a ball. Gently dab the bread on the canvas artwork. Once the ball is dirty then throw away and repeat the process. This is not the method to use for antique or a valuable piece of artwork. Once the dirt is lifted from the canvas, take a pastry brush and sweep off the bread crumbs.

My next project was to try it on my car. With the detail brush I was able to finally get some of the consol areas that I could not get cleaned before. Those cup holders and the storage areas came totally clean. I also used it on the door openings and foot rails. Then I took the floor mats and was able to get them clean with the steamer.

Can opener – absolutely as who doesn’t buy things in cans, which can only be opened with a hand or electric can opener. Given the number of products that now come frozen, ready to zip into the microwave, I doubt many people need an under counter can opener any more.

27. Practice your swing: Wrap a microfiber cloth over the bristles of your broom and fasten with a rubber band. Use this to get rid of those annoying cobwebs and to get the dust that is in the hard-to-reach spots.

Items may be stashed on a flat board atop the rafters. Storage containers in the garage don’t have to be pricey. Cut off the top of plastic milk cartons or detergent bottles. Save pickle, olive, peanut butter and baby food jars. These provide free, clear glass, lidded containers for screws, nails and drill bits.