Lajobi Cribs Recalled

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The pad is a two in one reversible; there is a quilted teddy bear pattern on both sides. And the pad has a built-in, waterproof inside layer that protects the pack and play reviews ratings and baby. It also has a form-fitting, wraparound skirt which secures to virtually all standard-size cribs (28″ x 52″) and toddler beds. The product is fairly durable and provides good stain resistance. Care calls for machine washing on a warm, gentle cycle, and tumble-drying on a low setting.

A bassinet, cradle, or Moses basket can be a convenient and comfortable sleeping place for your baby during the first few months. Your baby may feel more at ease in the smaller, cozier space than in a crib. Plus you can carry these small portable baby beds from room to room, letting you keep a close watch on your sleeping baby. Your bassinet should have a firm mattress that fits snugly without any space around the edges.

Round – Round baby cribs have become more popular option for new parents. They’re much more expensive than a standard crib, it’s around $1000 but you can find cheaper ones. The advantage of this is that they can fit well into a corner.

Canopy – Canopy baby cribs comes in standard rectangular shape or in a round shape. This type of cribs has posts which you can place fabric canopies. This is more expensive than a standard crib. You will also spend more money buying bedding since you will have to buy bedding that includes the canopy.

You can buy pop up storage that is pink with the Disney princesses on it for $7. These are easy to get from Wal-Mart. Disney princess also has a toy box for $40 at Wal-Mart, Kmart, and toy stores but they are more expensive at the toy store.

For an extra firm kind of mattress, choose this one from Colgate. Its level of firmness has been backed by sleep and medical experts. But although it is firm, it is surprisingly light in weight. Like Serta, it also has vents to regulate mattress temperature and allow better distribution of air.