Meditation Can Reduce Stress And Improve Overall Health And Wellbeing

Have you ever noticed that while your mind is often willing to focus when meditating, it will generally insist on lapsing into ‘dreamland’ for the rest of the day?

And as a follow-up to the previous question, if doing your daily or weekly meditation begins to feel like an “obligation,” you’ve likely let your mindfulness baltimore become “work.” You’ve strayed into that “do it right” mode. Meditation should not be hard or heavy. And it’s not something you need to worry about “perfecting.” Meditation should be, first and foremost, your time for peace and lightness: a time in which you have permission to rest, and a space in which you feel safe to release and open.

What’s more, when people come together with a common intent (say, to meditate), then the collective intent has a force far greater than the intent of any individual. This can help us both sink into deep meditative states and learn new techniques far more quickly than we would alone.

And it is this bliss that draws you into this moment more and more and leads you to self realization. The bliss begins to reveal itself in every part of your life. Walking will be bliss, driving will be bliss, working will be bliss, doing yoga will be bliss. Any action in which you are mindful will be experienced as bliss.

In practicing this Zen mindfulness meditation technique, you will begin to experience this bliss, the bliss of being presence itself of being awareness itself. And in this you will even feel the bliss of thoughts arising and disappearing.

Most books and experts suggest meditating in the morning, when our mind is fully alert. It will help you to focus, and you’ll be less likely to become sleepy. If it doesn’t fit your schedule to practice in the morning, then do it in the evening. Meditating has too many benefits to avoid it just because you can’t do it at the “ideal” time.

And while you are consciously allowing yourself to breath, also allow whatever sensations you are feeling to be as they are. Do not concentrate on a sensation and do not resist any sensations, just allow whatever sensations you feel to be as they are.

Think of it like this: Image you normally have an energy level of 4, but need to get to an energy level of 8 to have a new insight. Going to weekly practice might raise you a couple of points each time, but since, over the next few days, you are likely to fall back to your usual 4, you’ll never make it to an 8 and have the insight (or key energetic shift). During a weekend gathering, however, your energy experiences will bit by bit accrue until you have moved all the way from 4 to 8 and beyond. That is why if you think back on your past experiences of courses, you will find that afterwards your healing and meditation almost always took on new life.