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The adage that reads, “Go west, young man, go west” should be modified to advise going to the far west of Arizona to Lake Havasu City. This area is deservedly known as Arizona’s beach resort city. The majestic Colorado River, at this point in its 1400+ mile journey, has been dammed to form Lake Havasu with an expansive 25,000 acres. The fast-growing Lake Havasu City includes a mainland portion plus a manmade island, formed by dredging a stagnant stream and converting it into an integral part of the lake/river.

Getting ideas and tips on how to be a better scuba diver is something that you can take advantage of. This will help you in the long run and get you started on a better scuba diving trip. You will also learn the things to watch out for and stay away from while you are in the water. There are many interesting things that most people who scuba dive do not know about and can learn from Read about scuba.

But there are issues that make me pause when I think about throwing caution to the wind completely. I’ve been pondering whether or not I want to extend my trip in Central America for another month. When this concept first came up, I balked-not because I wanted to spend less time volunteering and traveling and swimming and Scuba diving and eating cheap, delicious food and more time freezing my ass off in New York, but because the idea of a journey without an end scared me.

You can take your beach vacation close to home or at a faraway exotic location. Are you thinking about that foreign country for your family vacation, but you don’t speak the language. Don’t worry. With an all-inclusive vacation, the resort will pick you up at the airport or ship and take you right to the beach. You won’t have to deal with anyone who does not speak your language.

There are many activities to do on the island of Lombok. You can do rock climbing, My scuba stats, trekking, biking, sailing, snorkeling, bamboo rafting, surfing, fishing, boating, paragliding, parasailing, and even golfing. If you can name it you can do it here. You can trek on the mountain or on a natural trail. Most trips are usually done with an average of 15 to 20 people and accompanied by a local guide. You can even go camping and view some of the natural animals and vegetation.

The Westerhall Rum Estate – This is a family owned estate which processes a special blend of Rum. The Rum is made the old-fashioned way using machinery from many years ago. You will be given a tour of how the machines work and an overview of the blending process. When it is all over you do get a special treat a sample drink of the finest Rum on the island.

So here are the beaches which tourists should travel to, because if they don’t, the only thing they’ll be swimming in is an overcrowded beach that is infested with the after-scent of sun block lotion.