Real Estate Problem Solver

I think by now most of you have heard that there’s no inheritance tax or estate tax this year. So if you’re planning on passing away anytime soon, this would be a good year to do it – at least from an estate planning point of view. I’m kidding, of course. But in case you decide to take me seriously, you should know there’s even a gotcha buried in this “giveaway” law.

While it is true that God cares for, and provides for His children, this is not the blessing of Abraham. We are not arguing against the care of God for all the spiritual and physical needs of His children. We are taking a stand against the false doctrine which puts the blessings of Abraham out of the spiritual, and putting it into the natural (carnal).

Take the estate out of the courts to begin with. If you have a Will your avocat insanité d’esprit estate will go to court. A Will is a road map to the probate court, it does NOT avoid probate.

In conclusion, the patterns of God were established long before man had a revelation of them. I think a lot of times with Christians it is not that we are doing something wrong as much as we are not doing enough of what is right and required by God – understanding the precise patterns and seasons of God.

Since Jesus came, everyone who believes in Him, receives the Holy Spirit by whom God’s law is written on the believer’s heart and mind. Who believes in Him, becomes a child of God and calls God her or his very own Father. That’s the beginning of the inheritance received. That’s the promise came true.

As Paul rolls up the parchment on which he had written and sends it with the swiftest runner he can find, he feels a bit like a woman in labour, with the Galatian church the baby that just doesn’t want to come to a proper birth. He told them that much in his letter: that he wanted nothing more than that Christ should be born in their lives.

Even in America, Baal law reigns supreme. It will take the return of Christ to establish a truly just and fair society that rewards hard work and wise thrift without cursing it with unchecked accumulation of wealth that also destroys. In His Sermon on the Mount, Jesus said that the meek shall inherit the earth. God speed the kingdom. Till then, be aware of the changes coming to the ‘death tax’ and seek wise council to preserve your children’s inheritance as best you can.