Seven Linkdin Marketing Tips

On a dating website, your profile is everything. It’s the first thing a potential match sees and will ultimately decide if they want to contact you. Here are some tips on how to create a winning profile.

“When I speak, everybody listens!” “If you don’t listen, or dares to reason out with me, you are against me, you are fired!” These are the favorite words of leaders who have become too powerful for their own good.

Using the list of hot buttons you came up with in step three above, you should see how you can integrate them into a twenty word or less ad that accomplishes what you defined in step one. When writing your ad, the most important words are the first three, and must be selected with great purpose. They should call out to your potential customers.

Those numbers can be deceiving because this study looked at the number of teachers over 50 years old in addition to the median age. So for example – Germany is in the number two spot with the average age, but in terms of over-50-year-old-teachers, they actually have the highest ranking: over 50% of teachers in Germany have cracked the age of 50.

Now on MySpace you are only allowed to have one profile according to their TOS. What if you were a marketer and it was necessary to have multiple MySpace profiles? What kind of profile do you think will get the greatest number of visitors? Some of the great MySpace Bots out there have account creators for MySpace. I had my son get pictures of girls he knows and I use these pictures for all my profiles. The profile of the lesbians which showed 2 girls in the shower together in bikinis did great until MySpace deleted that follow my profile.

Remember that what you ask for does not have too be of equal monetary value. In fact it can be free for the customer to provide as long as it has value for you. The goal is to employ reciprocity – you will gladly scratch the customers back as long as they are willing to scratch yours! Creating equality in your client relationships ensures that you will have a long lasting trust based relationship which reduces the amount of “shopping” the customer does each time they need to order. This increases your profits, decreases your sales cycle and encourages referrals.

Unflattering if: You are petite, as the skirt will overwhelm a small frame. You have a big bust or wide shoulders, as the result will be a round effect.

And if you’re comfortable making cold calls, go for it! This is my secret weapon. Cold calling does not bother me at all. So I usually work this process for 1-3 weeks and then place a call to my prospect. I usually start off with mentioning that I bumped into their profile on LinkedIn, noticed we shared a group or two and thought it might be good to connect and see where it goes. Then I ask a question about the business they are in and off we go.