The All Consuming Inspiration Vs Writers’ Block

We all make goals for our own improvement, development and enrichment. Be it to run a marathon, to learn French, to play the piano, to learn to sketch, or to write a novel we all have something we would like to do to improve ourselves and enrich our lives. We make these goals with the best of intentions, but everyday somehow they never get accomplished from a goal into a reality. And that isn’t to say that these things are not important to you. They just simply don’t get done. Somewhere between essential activities such as showering in the morning and eating dinner in the evening your goal for self-improvement just isn’t met once again.

If your passion and learn more are waning, try one or all of these three things to give it a new boost. Consider it a “spring cleaning” for your soul, if you like.

Try making meaningful contributions- if you contribute in real essence, your self esteem will rise. This will motivate you towards more sales providing you sales motivation.

Make short term goals for sales motivation- short-term goals are higher on perspective; you can concentrate more and create more planned avenues. Once there is method, there will have motivation and you will make a decent job of the sale process.

There are a minority of markets growing rapidly, at any point in time. Some are shrinking, but most are growing at a slow pace. A key element of your profits and sales is knowing how slowly or quickly a market is growing. Take a minute to evaluate future growth potential and the current rate of growth in your potential market. Find a new and faster market if this one is not fast enough. A good goal to shoot for would be an annual growth rate of between five and ten percent. It will be difficult to grow your business with anything less then five percent.

In order to be motivated there needs to be something in it for you. Even if you are motivated to help others, it makes you feel good; it gives you satisfaction, a purpose. You need to create and have a good reason to put in continuous effort. Why else would you put in the effort and generally give up doing something else that you might otherwise enjoy?

For dieting, go natural… period. If you want results, and you want results that come quickly and permanently, then natural dieting is the only way to get it. Natural dieting is all about EATING to lose weight (not starving yourself), EATING to boost your metabolism (not decrease it), and EATING to live (not the other way around).