The Challenges Of Working At Home With A Newborn

I grew up in a suburb of Los Angeles named Sylmar. Somewhere along the line someone told me it meant “sea of olives” and came from the days when Sylmar were still the olive groves for the nearby San Fernando Mission.

Before deciding where everything goes, replace anything in the room you would like to change. Paint the walls before bringing new items in, and replace carpeting or flooring if that is on the list of things to do. Once this is finished, do a thorough cleaning of the space. Now is the time to create a blank slate for your items. Putting your organization on top of dirt and mess will ruin the feeling of organization, so clean up before moving things back into the room.

The first thing you should do to get things organized, is do a thorough fridge clean out. Empty the refrigerator completely and give it a good cleaning from top to bottom. Once it is clean, you will feel less inclined to just toss things in randomly. While you have the appliance clean, you should also take the opportunity to check that all of the temperature settings are where you want them to be.

Well, as in every new home purchase, there is a lot To do list online do. Holes in the walls needed filling and painting, and all five rooms needed a good cleaning. Now the work began. With help from friends, we painted, scrubbed, fixed, and moved in. My life long dream of owning my own home was a reality.

Look at the remaining items. Do the items help serve the purpose for each room? If not, remove them. If you need help determining where items should be donated please reach out! I have hundreds of creative solutions for those looking to keep items out of landfills!

This occurs when money is taken directly out of your paycheck each week, bi-weekly or monthly to pay your government debt. It is likely to be handled in part by the government and your employer, unless you are self-employed or unemployed. This creates an awkward situation between you and your employer. They know you have money issue and might feel uncomfortable continuing to employ you without an explanation for the problem. You might also feel embarrassed because you have made a mistake and everyone knows you are now being made to clear it up. Instead of having this process handled through your employer and your paycheck, consider dealing directly with the government. There are several options you have for fixing the problem without your employer even knowing what is going on.

I guess I can’t judge Sylmar anymore, it my hometown, but it’s not my town anymore, it belongs to others to love, abuse, shape or destroy. My Sylmar is the Sylmar of the past. My Sylmar is only a ghost locked away in the recesses of my mind.