The What, How And Why Of Freshly Roasted Coffee Beans

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I’m sure we’ve all been there, spending thirty or sixty dollars on a cheap model at the department store. Any old one will do, just so long as it brews coffee correctly. Unfortunately? You’re not getting the best bang for your buck. Keurig’s single cup coffee maker brewing system practically guarantees an amazing cup every time. And the single serve dispensing system means you won’t be wasting coffee anymore.

The Hamilton Beach 12-Cup Brew Station is a very nice art-deco looking machine in sleek black. It sits higher than most car coffee maker, which may be a problem for some kitchens. Ours has very high cabinets so this model fit just fine, we did have to pull it out from the wall to fill the reservoir with water though. That’s pretty much the norm with most machines though so no harm, no foul on that front.

There are three basic types of coffee makers: percolating, French press, and automatic drip. A percolating coffee maker uses boiling water to brew the coffee grounds to extract the coffee flavor. This method of making coffee tends to give you a tarry, bitter cup of coffee, but there are many people who prefer their coffee made this way.

However, one should take care of the adverse effect that so much energy can result in. So, it is advisable not to drink it in night. Otherwise you may well have to spend night awake and this will in turn result in the sleeplessness or insomnia which is a major disease. So, the amount of caffeine in blood should be restricted.

Fresh fruits are always colorful which everybody can eat. That would add color and vitality to any kitchen. Another way of decorating with fruits is to fill a tall crystal vase with only one kind of fruit (orange, lemon, or any fruit you want). You can also use a fine China plate with assorted colorful fruits lined up with green to add appeal.

The final thing you need to know about this fascinating little machine is that unlike other types of single cup coffee machines, this one acutally reads the bar code on the T-Disc. The bar code tells the machine the temperature of water for optimal brewing, the amount of water required for the perfect cup, and the length of time to steep or brew the beverage.