Top 5 Tips To A Healthy Lawn

FarmVille – This one is my favorite. I like the graphics for this app the best. Also, there are a lot of neat decorations to buy, you can get a ton of different animals (including cows that produce chocolate and strawberry milk and an ugly duckling that turns into a swan). Although this one is great, it can quickly become very time consuming harvesting plants, trees and animals. Some tools that make it a little easier are a plow, a seeder and a harvester, although they cost a lot of “money.” You can also win “ribbons” and share bonus points with your friends, pet your animals, take pictures of your farm and a lot more!

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Consider Native Plants: Native California plants grow in winter. Consult with your nursery for the best plants for your area. Native plants usually require little water after the first year and little, if any fertilizer. If you already have native plants in your garden, now is the time to prune them.

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Discoloration. Discoloration in your lawn generally comes because of three factors. If you’ve planted grass that doesn’t do well in your particular climate, such as heat loving grass planted in a cold zone or vice versa, then when the weather changes against the grass’ liking, it may start to turn yellow or wither. The other big cause of discoloration is poor fertilization. If you haven’t fertilized your grass in awhile, or if you don’t regularly fertilize, your grass can start to grow thin and yellow on you. A third cause of discoloration that’s more rare is fungus. In one of the above sections, we discussed rust fungus which can discolor your blades of grass and make them yellow, orange, and brown.