What Is Lean Manufacturing? – Culture Change!

I was able to be a part of a tour of the Siemens plant off GA 400 in Cumming, Georgia.. Siemens is a global company that specializes in meeting the needs of clients by offering various services including producing and assembling products to their client’s specifications. This particular Siemens location is a 170,000 square foot facility that was acquired in 1990. The facility was expanded in 1993 and also in 1996. The GA 400 Siemens facility has approximately 650 employees in various fields including general warehouse to accounting and marketing.

This can be as simple as coming to work in a bad mood or hungover or bringing problems from home to work. It can be an average low wage employee or the President of the Company.

If adding to your payroll isn’t an option at this time you might consider hiring a consultant to help out with those new projects and systems. By using a consultant you get those things done that you do not presently have the skills for without having the cost burden of a full time employee. When your project is complete you will not have to try and find ways to keep them busy nor do you need to pay unemployment, etc. So use your excess time wisely and turn what seems to be a bad thing into a good one.

Do your supervisors “really” know how to be supervisors? Have you evaluated this aspect of your business? How many walk around with a coffee cup and a uncooperative attitude? How many are truly capable of training their staff? The gauge is how their employees react with them. Is there loyalty and positive attitudes? Or disgruntled, belligerent attitudes? Does the supervisor stand up and support the employees? Do they insure continued opportunity for training? What happens when an employee informs the supervisor of potential job related problems? Do they check it out or ignore it?

It does not allow the full overview of the lean soluciones y materiales program to be understood. Since it is a one-time event, it may be seen as a disconnected part of a program.

Use tools that truly work. One of the most effective things you can do to create a buy-in is to let people actually participate in lean training. Allow the major players to come to a one day training session on Lean Methodology. This can often result in significant buy-in.

Learn sales techniques. Techniques are not tricks, and no sales rep would be effective trying to trick someone into buying. Some believe closing is using tricks but it is not true. It is simply being an effective negotiator helping the customer make a buying decision. For example, with a service objection such as the length of after-sale service being too short, the sales rep should use a “right angle close”. This negotiation is simply stating the answer with a buying question, such as “If I can get the two week service changed to four, will you give us a try today”?