Where To Get Inspiration For Your Craft

It can be a hard thing to put action to something when we don’t have the inspiration to do it. I’ve heard many stories of people who want to learn how to do something, but they don’t have the inspiration to do it.

Find learn new things in books and articles. When your motivation starts to slump read about people who have achieved the goal you want. Keep several articles of this type ready for use. Read them over and over whenever you need them.

Face problems and challenges one at a time. The problem with some people is that they get overwhelmed and don’t know how to attack all the problems they are facing. It’s important to take them on one at a time and overcome them.

In the times of our ancestors, before the common matchstick was invented and developed, preserving fire was of utmost importance. What good would it do to have a fireplace full of wood all neatly stacked, and have not so much as a spark of fire to get it going?

Studies have proven that the ability of money to provide motivation is very limited. It is only motivating people when they have a relatively small, simple task to perform over a short period of time. The more complex and long term the task is, the less money will be a true motivation factor.

This can sometimes become a problem for traders. For example, some traders have the fear of losing money. So, they have built really strong protection mechanisms in their trading plan to safeguard themselves from losing money. Fantastic!! The only problem is that they aren’t really motivated to make money.

Mind your mind. In other words be aware of what you think about. Just as with your body, don’t pollute your brain with rubbish and junk thoughts or thoughts that don’t serve you.

Imagination is the essential ingredient. Maintain your imagination, feed it often, exercise it daily, and it will serve you well. When you do, inspiration will take its proper place and do exactly what it is designed to do – feed the fire.