Why Is Blogging So Fun?

Digg is one of those communities that seem to be a good thing but like any thing it can be abused and a little confusing if not unfair. So I have been a member of Digg since November of 2007 and have increasingly participated in submissions and getting and receiving shouts and digging friends’ submissions on a regular basis through out the day. I have accumulated 617 friends mostly by being notified that I had a fan and making them a friend.

First of all, a quick answer is… it depends. And no, that’s not an excuse. It depends on the purpose personal intrest of your blog. For the purpose of this article, let’s focus on business blogs or blogs that are intended to attract a specific audience that you might want to either market to or otherwise build a community with.

The Russians were still on the border when we arrived as the country was in transition. I witnessed crowds of people pressed against the doors of churches and pouring out into the street just to listen to a religious service in a language that they could not understand. They had lived under 40 years of communist rule and this had become a way of life. The people were such an inspiration to me because they understood what was truly important in this world- family, friendship and freedom.

When you have found the right type of hosting plan that you need, you need to get the best deal out of all the hosting provider that are available out there. In most cases, consumers will tend to choose the cheapest hosting plan that they can find but this is not a good move. There are certain things that you need to know about cheap hosting because there is a danger that is lurking around behind that cheap price. If want to use a cheap hosting, you can do it for a few reasons.

quotes or web logs have taken the World Wide Web by storm with valid reason. Search engines, usually hungry for content, find lots of it in sites and therefore favor them. In the end when most people enter searching term at their favorite search engine, what they are looking for is information and a lot of it.

It’s personal. Blogs were set up originally to be personal journals online and they’ve retained that sense of individuality. More and more people are turning from the traditional interruption marketing, like ads on TV, and looking for genuine information and help. Blogs are the perfect medium for that where you can provide help and contents and at the same time recommend useful products to visitors.

Trust. Providing genuine and useful information on your blog means that visitors will come to trust you which will build your credibility. As long as you give good quality recommendations of products, including your own, then that credibility can only increase. Also, your blog could end up as an authority site.