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Whether you are learning how to be a hypnotist or thinking about going to a hypnotist/hypnotherapist for help, it is important to have a clear idea of what hypnosis is as well as what it is not. Why?

Hear, see, smell, taste, and touch. These five physical senses guide and usher us through life. By the age of 5, we have developed our personalities and behavior patterns.

Maintain a sound mind and body. There is no such thing as a successful and sickly person. An individual who has poor health and declining avocat succession insanitĂ© d’esprit is unable to apply the law of success in his life for obvious reasons. If you wish to become the best person you can be, don’t neglect your health. Remember that anything that impacts your physical health also affects your mental state, so aim for a well-rounded lifestyle. That means eating right, exercising regularly and not indulging in harmful vices such as smoking, drinking and taking drugs.

As you look within yourself, God brings to you the ideas and people you require to accomplish your desires. We have a wonderful world of power, possibility, and promise that is within us. Because within us is the mind, and the mind is the creative cause of all that transpires in the experience and our lives. We can learn to use our mind constructively, and we can learn to correctly use these hidden powers, forces, and impaired mental faculties (Please refer to the “Core Principles” section, principle number 2, the stick person).

Do not attempt to go off of this drug alone. Make sure there is someone with you at all times to monitor your behavior, and make sure that they have all of your appropriate medical information available to them. This goes double if you are on multiple medications.

See if your physician is open to tapering your dosage. We did not have this luxury. If your doctor or psychiatrist is open to this, it would probably be much easier.

We were a few miles from my parents house, when the most frightening event so far happened: My wife went into such a deep trance that she stopped responding. I tried not to panic, but kept talking to her until she finally did. During this time, she could not move her arms or legs, and barely responded verbally. I kept her talking until she gained control of all her mental and physical faculties. This lasted less than 5 minutes, but it seemed like an eternity, as I questioned whether she should have ever come off the meds. Once we returned home, I helped her get into bed, where she slept away the rest of the afternoon. She awakened later on that night, and had no more incidents that night.

Holding a steady prosperity attitude gets the mind into such a creative condition that it becomes a magnet to draw the thing desired. Try to keep your mind in an uplifting, up building attitude. There is a great cumulative effect in holding yourself to the thoughts of success, health and happiness.